Hello, I'm Shota Kikozashvili.
I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer.


Shota Kiko Profile Pic

I am a Full Stack Developer with over three years experience building frontend and backend architectures for a variety of applications across their full product lifecycles.

I am constantly curious and learning about new technologies and excited to apply all that I learn toward building solutions for real world problems via appropriately simple and maintainable code.

Most recently I've fallen in love with the Rust progamming language and enjoy using it on personal projects as well as professionally to build RESTful API's using the Actix web framework.


Experienced with writing dry semantic HTML5

CSS3 Styling to optimize UX

Experienced writing ES6 Javascript

React hooks as well as Redux for state management

Building REST APIs with Node.js

Building Node servers with Express framework

Experienced in web dev and automation with Python

Building RESTful APIs with Django

Experienced using/designing SQL and Postgres databases

Experienced with heroku deployment and configuration

Experienced with git version control

Experienced with Github flow and resolving merge conflicts

Experienced using Less preprocessor for scalable apps

Experienced using Sass preprocessor for scalable apps

Experienced using Bootsrap for UI styling



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